2009 Keynote Speaker
Dr. Mark Taylor

Dr. Mark Taylor

Generation NeXt Comes to College

Today's traditionally-aged college students have characteristics and expectations that present unique challenges to those of us charged with teaching, serving, and supporting them through their educational experience. They were raised in very different social environments and have had very different formative experiences than any previous generation. Their issues with academic preparation, responsibility and self-esteem, consumer expectations, use of technology, and styles of interacting can impact, and interfere with, their learning, persistence, and academic success. This program will help faculty and staff understand the social, personal, and academic traits and preferences these students bring to college, how these characteristics impact learning, persistence, and success, and how we can best help our students reach their educational and personal goals.


Dr. Mark Taylor is a nationally recognized educator, expert, speaker, and consultant dedicated not only to helping colleges and universities better understand and serve our students for learning, development, persistence, and successful integration into the "after college" world but also dedicated to helping businesses and organizations better manage the multigenerational workplace and successfully bring younger workers into productive roles.

Building on over 25 years of experience in higher education, management, and the helping professions, Dr. Taylor has worked with over 150 schools in 38 states, made presentations at state, regional, and national events, and consulted with business clients like 20th Century Fox, Wal-Mart, the University of Tennessee Hospital, and the U.S. Army.

Dr. Taylor holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Biology, a Master's degree in Social Work, and a Doctorate in Counseling, all from the University of Arkansas. He was most recently the Director of Guidance Services at Arkansas State University at Beebe where he was responsible for counseling, disability, career, testing, academic advising, orientation, housing/residence life, student activities/leadership, student success programming and other student services. He left that position in January 2006 to continue his research and programs to improve educational services to Generation NeXt, and other students we serve, and to assist managers in the workplace. Dr. Taylor has been licensed as a psychotherapist in Arkansas since 1981. He has also worked as a college professor and academic administrator, medical administrator, and clinical psychotherapist. His eye-opening perspectives grounded in data and literature, practical suggestions, and humorous presentation style have made him a popular training consultant with numerous schools, colleges, and professional organizations.

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