Matching Georgians

Match the following famous Georgians with their claim to fame:

_____S. TRUETT CATHY (Eatonton, GA) 1. Successful even without her Pips
_____JULIA ROBERTS (Atlanta, GA) 2. Could scout out the best of them
_____JIMMY CARTER (Plains, GA) 3. Spent time "sittin on the dock of the bay"
_____GRIFFIN BELL (Americus, GA) 4. Favorite color was purple
_____RAY CHARLES (Albany, GA) 5. Good Golly, what a character!
_____TY COBB (Narrows, GA) 6. Known to family and friends as "mouth of the south"
_____GLADYS KNIGHT (Atlanta, GA) 7. Preached non-violence but died violently
_____MARGARET MITCHELL (Atlanta, GA) 8. Really knew how to lay down the law
_____MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. (Atlanta, GA) 9. As a Brooklyn Dodger, broke MLB color barrier
_____ERSKINE CALDWELL (Moreland, GA) 10. Post-presidential life focuses on humanity
_____LITTLE RICHARD (Macon, GA) 11. Reputation not "Gone with the Wind"
_____ALICE WALKER (Eatonton, GA) 12. Went to bat for baseball fans everywhere
_____LUCIUS D. CLAY (Marietta, GA) 13. Kept Georgia on his mind and ours
_____FRANCESCA B. TAYLOR (Augusta, GA) 14. With her smile, she's a pretty woman
_____FLANNERY O'CONNOR (Savannah, GA) 15. A heavy smoker who immortalized Tobacco Road
_____JACKIE ROBINSON (Cairo, GA) 16. Military general known as "Father of the Berlin Airlift"
_____JULIETTE GORDON LOW (Savannah, GA) 17. Never married since "A Good Man Is Hard to Find"
_____JOEL CHANDLER HARRIS (Eatonton, GA) 18. Loved the Georgia coast and the "Marshes of Glynn"
_____SIDNEY LANIER (Macon, GA) 19. Never met a chicken he didn't like
_____OTIS REDDING (Dawson, GA) 20. His favorite relative: Uncle Remus

ANSWERS: 19, 14, 10, 8, 13, 12, 1, 11, 7, 15, 5, 4, 16, 6, 17, 9, 2, 20, 18, 3

Score 18-20: You know your Southerners; you're one of us.
Score 14-17: Not bad; we'll pretend you're one of us.
Score 10-13: Work a bit harder; there's still hope you could become one of us.
Score 6-9: Whew! Don't know if we want you to be one of us.
Below 5: With this score, you'll never be one of us.