Famous San Diego Folks

Sports Figures

Florence Chadwick – holder of 16 long distance swimming records

Greg Louganis – Olympic swimmer

Dennis Connor – yachtsman who won America's Cup in 1980 and in 1988

Phil Mickelson – golfer


Dr. Seuss – Theodore Seuss Geisel, children's books (Cat in the Hat, etc.)

Raymond Chandler – mystery writer

Frank Baum – Wizard of Oz stories

Anita Loos – satirical short stories, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes


Gregory Peck

Annette Benning

Cliff Robertson

Whoopi Goldberg

Cameron Diaz

Dennis Hopper

Cleavon Little

Raquel Welch

Scientists & Entrepreneurs:

Dr. Jonas Salk – creator of the polio vaccine

E. W. Scripps – biological and oceanic research, founded Scripps Institute in SD

Carl Rogers – reflective therapist, "Tell me more about that..."

Orville Redenbacher – popcorn perfector