Invited Speakers

Detection and Prevention of Test Fraud: The State of the Art

Friday, August 3 at 10am

Instances of test fraud are increasing at every level in education and within certification and admissions testing. Cheating techniques are becoming more sophisticated, and new technologies are often incorporated within test fraud schemes. It appears that the individuals perpetrating these fraudulent acts increasingly feel they are entitled to the advantage afforded by cheating. This presentation will highlight the level of test fraud and the most common cheating techniques used. Current approaches employed to detect and prevent cheating will be reviewed. Future directions for the commission of test fraud and for its detection and prevention will be explored.

Presenters: John Fremer, President, Caveon Consulting
Lou Woodruff, Senior Security Consultant, Caveon Consulting

Test Accommodations: Creating Access in Assessment

Friday, August 3 at 2pm

Tests are intended to measure knowledge. However, for a growing number of students with disabilities, both classroom and standardized assessments can fail in this most basic goal. Rather than providing information on learning or achievement, they may simply reflect the impact of disability and act as a barrier to academic or career success. To give disabled students the opportunity to demonstrate knowledge, federal legislation directs testing agencies and postsecondary institutions to offer reasonable test accommodations. Disability resource professionals determine appropriate accommodations, but with growing frequency, test centers are being asked to coordinate them. While this partnership allows institutions to takes advantage of knowledgeable testing professionals and excellent test facilities, it also presents new challenges. The foundational principles and daily details of administering tests with accommodations are different than those that underlie more traditional functions of test centers. Serving disabled students, responding to faculty concerns, understanding assistive technology, and ensuring effective accommodations require a philosophical understanding of disability, the purpose of accommodation, compliance, and the vision of a seamlessly accessible campus for all students. Attendees will leave with an understanding of the issues that shape test accommodations today and tools to support their involvement in this work.

Presenter: Carol Funckes, Associate Director of the University of Arizona's Disability Resources and a Past President of the Association of Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD)