Frequently Asked Questions

The questions below are those asked the most frequently by persons attending the annual NCTA conference, particularly those coming for the first time. If you have a question that isn't answered here, please email, and one of the conference committee coordinators will be happy to respond. Also be sure to check out all the conference-related information on the conference website, especially if you're looking for information specifically about Denver.

Q: Where will I find information about the 2014 NCTA Conference?
The conference website, which contains essentially all the information you need in order to have a positive conference experience, is updated on a regular basis as conference information is finalized. It's on the conference website that you'll find links to the agenda (if your school requires an agenda prior to approving your travel request, this item will do the trick), session descriptions, keynote speaker, travel information, registration information, and hotel reservations/room rates information. In addition, information about the conference city, possible outings, restaurants for dinner outings, and so forth, is also included.
Q: When can I register for the 2014 conference in Denver September 3-6?
Conference registration will open on May 12 and go until August 15. There are several phases to the registration period with the early bird option available from May 12 until July 11. The early bird option allows you to register at the lowest rate. All the information about registration dates and deadlines is found on the conference website.
Q: If there's a chance that I'm able to attend the conference, should I go ahead and make my hotel reservation?
Absolutely YES. Although you will have to provide a credit card number when you make your reservation, there will be no charge applied until you check in. Should you discover that you won't be able to attend and cancel your reservation by 6:00 pm on the day of arrival, there will be no penalty or cancellation fee. If you cancel after 6:00 pm on the day of arrival, a one night room and tax charge to your credit card may be incurred. NCTA has reserved a specific number of rooms for the conference, and once those rooms have been reserved, you'll need to find another hotel and then arrange transportation to/from the conference. If everyone who hopes to attend makes reservations promptly, there's a very real possibility that we can increase the number of rooms reserved for the conference. Don't take a chance on not being at the conference hotel!
Q: Is there a conference dress code?
There is no specific dress code identified for conference attendees; in fact, you will see clothing that runs the gamut from professional business attire to "casual Friday" and beyond. Most presenters choose to dress up a bit for their sessions, but—again—there is no specific attire required. We want you to be comfortable as you move from session to session, enjoy meals and networking opportunities with your colleagues, and experience what the conference city has to offer. One rule of thumb, however, is the one we share with our examinees: because you can't guarantee what the temperature in meeting rooms/hotel space will be, dressing in layers or having a sweater/blazer handy is often a good plan.
Q: Do I have to pay for my meals at the conference?
The conference registration fee that you pay includes the following meal functions: the welcome reception with light hors d'oeuvres, 2 continental breakfasts, 2 plated lunches, a coffee/soda break, an ice cream break, and a closing brunch. No dinners are provided, so those are your responsibility. The only time you have to pay for any of the conference meals described above is if you are bringing a guest who is not registered for the conference to one or more of these functions. Those costs are identified when you register for the conference as part of the "guest meals" section.
Q: When do I need to arrive for the conference?
That depends on you. If you are participating in any of the sponsor workshops being held on Wednesday, you would want to arrive on Tuesday. Also on Wednesday are the newcomers' session (great for first time attendees and folks new to testing who want to get a bit acclimated) and the welcome reception. The conference officially begins on Thursday morning with a continental breakfast and the president's address to the association.
Q: When should I plan to leave the conference?
The conference ends at 12:30 pm on Saturday with the closing panel discussion and farewell brunch. If at all possible, please arrange to attend the entire conference. If you wish to stay in Denver prior to and/or beyond the conference to enjoy some "tourist time," the conference hotel room rate is good for three days pre- and post-conference.
Q: When I try to register, I'm asked which sessions I will attend. How do I know which ones to choose?
The session descriptions are on the conference website, and when you register there is also a link that takes you directly to the sessions being offered at each time block. Choose the one from each area that interests you the most. These selections help the conference committee gauge the size of the meeting room needed, but these choices are not so set in concrete that you can't change your mind once you get to the conference.
Q: What is the Exhibitors' Fair that I've seen listed as part of the conference schedule?
The Exhibitors' Fair is an opportunity for conference attendees to visit with about 25-30 of NCTA's vendors/sponsors in order to get the latest information regarding products and services. The Exhibitors' Fair is held on Friday from 9 am - 4 pm, and attendees are free to visit the fair between sessions or during free time. The ice cream break on Friday afternoon is another incentive to come by the Exhibitors' Fair, thank our exhibitors for the financial assistance they provide NCTA, and get all the latest information about what's coming. Also part of the Exhibitors' Fair is the information table regarding the NCTA conference scheduled for the following year.
Q: What is the NCTA Resources Fair that I've seen listed as part of the conference schedule?
The NCTA Resources Fair provides an opportunity for conference attendees to visit with representatives from the NCTA Governing Council and committees, as well as State and Regional Organizations, and to learn about the benefits of NCTA membership and opportunities to become involved in the organization. The NCTA Resources Fair is held on Friday from 9:45 am - 10:30 am.