Update from the President
Greetings to all of our members in NCTA! The start of a new calendar year is always an exciting time. Usually we have had an opportunity to take a little time off over the holidays to rest, relax, and visit with family and friends. We take the opportunity to reflect on the past year to see what went well and decide what we are going to do to make this year even better. Our enthusiasm and energy are at a high level and we really feel good about all that we do.

As I look back at the achievements of the Governing Council over the past year, I see that we are moving forward with our Strategic Plan of 2014. We are finishing up on the proposed revisions to the NCTA Bylaws, we reorganized our division structure to better serve all NCTA members, we are looking at the concept of Proctor Certification as a professional development enhancement for our members, and we are in the process of updating our web site platform to make it more user friendly. The 2016 annual conference in Seattle was a big success with the large number of attendees and program offerings; the virtual conference offered more sessions for our members who could not attend in person. We are eagerly looking forward to the conference in Cincinnati in September this year. We are going to a Wednesday to Friday schedule that will offer more opportunities to attend sessions and a two day exhibitor/sponsor fair. It should be a wonderful and exciting conference. I hope to see you there!

As NCTA gets ready for the election of new Governing Council members, it is time to for you to ask yourself "How can I help NCTA?" A strong organization needs strong leaders. Are you potentially one of them? Have you served on committees in the past and are willing to take the next step in your service to NCTA? Is the Governing Council in your future? If you have not volunteered in the past, make this year the year that you make it happen. Get involved and enjoy the fun and satisfaction of watching NCTA grow and evolve. I challenge you to seriously consider how you can serve NCTA. Watch for the announcement for the Governing Council election on the list serve, it will be coming out soon.

Wishing each of you are a wonderful, happy, and healthy 2017.