NCTA Awards

President's Award

The President's Award is presented to individuals who have made significant contributions to NCTA or have been of assistance to the President in his/her duties. It is a privilege of the President to be able to select a person or persons whom s/he personally wishes to recognize for their service and leadership.

2016:Curry Prothro
2015:Christopher Szucko
2014:Heidi Pettyjohn & Jim Wollack
2013:Susan Morgan
2012:Test Center Certification Committee
(Duane Goupell, Nancy O'Shea, Steve Saladin, Theresa Scott, Buck Setter, & Gayle Veltman)
2011:Lois Burton, Sally Frazee & Francesca B. Taylor
2010:Sally Frazee & Joleen Reynolds
2009:Duane Goupell & Denise Duplechin & David Espinoza
2008:Sally M. Frazee
2007:Julian J. Szucko
2006:Denise M. Duplechin
2005:Marilyn Goulden
2004:No Award Presented
2003:Alberto Treviño
2002:Sharon Kearns
2001:Susan Ford Neel
2000:Harriet A. Strasberg & Jewel Eggley

Service and Leadership Award

(formerly the Exemplary Leadership Award)

The Service and Leadership Award recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the development and growth of testing.

2016:Theresa Scott
2015:Jim Wollack
2014:Duane Goupell
2013:No Award Presented
2012:Brian Endicott
2011:Denise Duplechin
2010:Steve Saladin
2009:No Award Presented
2008:Francesca B. Taylor
2007:No Award Presented
2006:No Award Presented
2005:Julian J. Szucko
2004:Sally Olsen
2003:Gayle Veltman
2002:Bud Wood
2001:Tom Veltman

Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award may be presented to a testing professional who has consistently provided extensive and exemplary service to the organization. Through the contributions of this individual, the organization has made specific, direct, and definable gains in quality, substance, value, scope, and/or vision. A Lifetime Achievement Award recipient does not need to be retired, though in most cases it is presumed that s/he will be retired or close to retirement.

The recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award remains a member in good standing at no charge, with all benefits of paying members, including voting rights.

2016:No Award Presented
2015:David Espinoza
2014:No Award Presented
2013:No Award Presented
2012:No Award Presented
2011:No Award Presented
2010:Louis C. Woodruff
2010:Bud Wood
2009:No Award Presented
2008:Julian J. Szucko
2007:Diane M. Adelstein
2006:No Award Presented
2005:Pam Bedford
2004:No Award Presented
2003:Duane Goupell
2002:Harriet A. Strasberg

Service Recognition Award

The Service Recognition Award, created in 2009, recognizes NCTA members who contributed to the organization in the preceding year through service on a standing committee, working on the Annual Conference, or participating in a special NCTA project. Through their professional efforts, these recipients have strengthened the organization.

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If you'd like to nominate a member for recognition, contact the Awards Committee or check the news section to see if nominations are currently being solicited.