Professional Services Division

The Professional Services Division focuses on the development of best practices in testing as well as the advancement and development of NCTA programs and services promoting those practices. This division oversees committees on Test Center Certification, the Consortium of College Testing Centers (CCTC), and CAS Standards implementation.

Yvette Leverett, Division Head
Univ of Georgia

Consortium of College Testing Centers

Committee Chair Appointment Pending

NCTA/CAS Standards

Committee Chair Appointment Pending

Test Center Certification

Part of NCTA's mission is "the promotion of professionalism and quality in the administration of testing services and programs." By encouraging self-study and adherence to our professional standards, test center certification is designed to assist test centers in improving their testing processes and their service to examinees.

Michelle Teasley, Chair
Columbus State Community College

Juliana Calhoun, University of Southern California
Anita Chaudhri, Washtenaw Comm College
Duane Goupell, Univ of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
Derrick Koh, San Jose State Univ
Nancy O'Shea, Brookdale Comm College
Diane Patterson, Three Rivers College
Ana Rodriguez, Comm College of Denver
Theresa Scott, Middle Georgia State University
Gayle Veltman, Wichita State Univ